Now you Can Make Your Website Impenetrable!


Whether you are running a Linux Apache Mysql PHP "LAMP" website on a dedicated server, on shared hosting or in the cloud, You need RoboCyberWall because it blocks all "Known Exploits" & "Zero Day Attacks" from hacking into the http & https ports on your servers.

Zero–day attacks can be devastating security threats simply because the vulnerability is unknown before being exploited. This means even the best list of bad domains can’t be trusted to fully protect against a zero–day attack.

Malicious hackers exploit vulnerabilities like SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting, primarily, to infect websites by pushing in input that is not expected and hoping that the computer code responsible for handling the input will be weak enough to let the malicious input go through and provide a way to infect the website. Think of a hacker as using a Trojan horse.

History shows us that the more popular a Platform is the more it is targeted by malicious hackers.

Yesterday's Infosec Firewall technology may be able to help you stop a "Known Exploit" but it is a fact they cannot prevent a "Zero Day Attack". It only takes one successful hack to instantly destroy your business.

Every day over 10,000 websites get blacklisted by Google and other search engines.

The harsh consequences of your website getting hacked are grim and quite costly. For starters your site can get blacklisted by Google causing you to lose all of your revenue instantly. Once blacklisted, all modern browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari will block access to the site. It is prudent for you to do everything you can to protect your Linux webserver now!

Good news! RoboCyberWall is the World's first and only Software Firewall to not only block "Known Exploits" but also "Zero Day Attacks" from penetrating http and https ports on your Linux webservers. Even if you have already installed an expensive hardware or software Firewall it makes sense to also install RoboCyberWall so you can instantly reap the benefits of increased protection. No one can get enough Cyber Security, especially since the cost of RoboCyberWall at $8.95 a month is modest.

Actual Penetration Testing Results After 8 months of running RoboCyberWall

After installing RoboCyberWall you'll be running a hackproof website which will give you the protection and peace of mind you need.